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"Transferring here from Washington state I was a little nervous to start at a new school. The environment is very professional. The girls and staff have made me feel welcomed and at home! I have gained so much more experience and knowledge since I began. Come to Hairitage if you want a great experience for great prices!"
Kaly P.

"Hairitage Hair Academy is by far one of the best schools! My time here was wonderful! I learned SO many things from hairstyles, to cuts, to perms, basic esthetics, barbering and everything in between! Not only is their curriculum one of the best but each instructor is ready to teach and answer any questions! Hairitage is one of the best choices because they teach the basics, not just what is in style! After graduating, and going in for job interviews, it was easy for me to show my technical skills. And each job was impressed with my professionalism! I owe it all to Hairitage! They are simply the best! Much Love!"
Madison R.

"I love it here! The atmosphere is so friendly. I chose this school because the moment I walked through the doors I was immediately cared for. We have the worlds greatest instructors and the best students!"
Brittany B.

"I love Hairitage and I'm so glad I decided to come here. All the girls are great and that means there isn't a lot of drama at all. The instructors are very funny and help me whenever I need it. There is always laughter and a good time here at school but we also get a lot done. I learn something new every day."

"I love coming to school at Hairitage. The instructors go above and beyond and the students are hardworking and kind. I know that I couldn't get the one on one help and attention at any other school."

"So far, I have loved Hairitage! Everyone is so polite and friendly! I have learned so much throughout the two months I've been here. Hairitage is awesome and I would recommend any one who wants to do cosmetology should go to Hairitage."
Carolanne Austin

"I visited all the hair schools in St. George and Hairitage was my last stop and as soon as I walked in the doors I knew this was the school for me. I felt so welcomed and the whole atmosphere of the school is happy. I have never regretted choosing Hairitage because of the amazing instructors. They truly teach with their whole hearts and I love them so much."

"I have been coming to Hairitage to have my hair done since I was a little girl. I wanted to do cosmetology and enrolled during my senior year of high school. I did go look around at other schools but I was comfortable with Hairitage. It has a fun and exciting atmosphere!! Our instructors are so fun and so helpful! We get a ton of clientele so we're all usually busy. Our instructors are always here to help us, even help the past students who may call in and have a question. We learn so much. Hairitage is so wonderful and so fun!"

"Hairitage has fully provided me with the help I've needed to reach my goals. They have given me support and are excellent teachers. Thanks for opening the doors for me to be the greatest cosmetologist I can be!"
April Stevens
"I have really enjoyed my time here at Hairitage Hair. It has been an awesome experience meeting so many people. The instructors are so great and are there for you any minute you need them! Everyone is so friendly and willing to help in any way they can!"
Nikelle Jensen
"It's like one great big family! The instructors are the best, always making you feel welcome with an open ear."
Becky Smith 
"Hairitage is the best! The instructors are great! They are always willing to help and they make learning fun."
DeAnn Cottam
"I really love attending this school! The instructors are awesome at what they do and are always helping in any way that they can. We constantly are having classes or discussions to help us learn new things and keep us prepared and confident."
Makenzie Curtis
"I loved being in school!!! The instructors dealt well with everything and answered all my questions!! :) I learned so much..thankss guys"
Leticia Stinson
"I had the best time at Hairitage Hair. The instructors took time to make sure that you understood what you were doing and if you didn't get it they would stay until you did. The instructors are just amazing to work with and learn from. You meet a lot of awesome girls and it is just like family."
"Hairitage Hair is by far one of the greatest schools out there. They teach you the best of the best. I loved everything about that school. All the instructors were so awesome and taught me to be the best cosmetologist. I highly recommend going to Hairitage Hair Academy as your Hair school. They will give you everything you need!"
Tomi Durham
"They did an awesome job on my hair and its better then where I used to go."
Amber Close
"I have been to 5 salons in St. George Utah trying to get the stylist to understand what I wanted and I have spent hundreds of dollars and was still not getting what I wanted. I went to Jen at Hairitage and she immediately knew what I wanted. I now have the hair style that I want. Hairitage is a great place and the instructors are awesome in making sure the client gets a great student. Thanks so much Hairitage."
Kris Wright
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